LED exhibition lights

LED exhibition lights in a traverse
LED exhibition lights in a traverse

LED lights with high-quality diffusing plates do not only save energy but also allow our clients to save up to 40% of the total requirements for surface illumination spots...

Premium LED exhibition lights with special diffusing plates

Luminatore® floodlight with special diffusing plates
Luminatore® floodlight with special diffusing plates

LED lights and LED floodlights for trade fairs and outdoor use...

Our clients can now benefit from a high-quality as well as extremely efficient LED spotlight system. Not only does it use significantly less energy, but it also offers many other advantages. Experience this successful design with optimal cooling in 3 basic housing colours (black/white and silver) as well as diverse power levels ranging from 12-200 watts. 

Installation benefits...

...reduced weight in comparison to conventional HQI lights. That saves suspension costs.
...no more starting currents with extreme peaks, which makes commissioning easier.
...up to three times lower power consumption as a result of better light distribution and efficiency, which saves on wiring.
...easy mounting to angle-adjustable standard brackets.

Product benefits...

...low maintenance spotlight with LED board instead of a classic lamp, meaning no spare lights are required.
...better distribution of light from special diffusing plates, which saves up to 40% of the total amount of lights used. 
...over 50,000 hours of light illumination as per manufacturer’s information.
...durable quality with Meanwell drivers, since the product should particularly impress those in the rental business.

Areas of application...

...due to the IP66 protection, our LED spotlights are extremely versatile. Their areas of application range from classic trade fair spotlighting to outside installations. The application scenarios range from trade fair lighting to wall or product lighting, as well as spotlighting for outside event areas.

Our sales department will gladly sample these for you on site as well as provide illumination diagrams and technical data for light planning upon request. From standard data sheets to the IES file, we supply you with the required data for your project planning.

We provide advice and welcome your calls and questions at all times. We look forward to hearing from you.