Luminatore® light controls

LED light controls
LED light controls

LED light controls from Luminatore® leave nothing to be desired. They offer every user the right options, from PWM control standards (Plug&Play) to complex connections to DALI or DMX protocols...

Not only full-power LEDs or RGB light...

Close-up view of a light control with remote control
Light control with remote control

...but also light planning with thought and innovation, allowing our clients a large variety of possibilities. Whether a trade fair display or an LED mural with Plug&Play PWM control from Luminatore®, or exhibition or construction projects with complex building automation – the Luminatore® team is sure to find the right solution for your project.

Light planning made easy... a standard, the LED light systems from Luminatore® can be controlled and dimmed in many different ways to create the right lighting concept for almost every project and budget.

PWM controls...

Control by mobile phone app
Control by mobile phone app

...allow you to use any circuit of the Luminatore® LED circuit boards in a continuously adjustable way, either from the outset or at a later time. You can easily plug in the control module into the last LED circuit board at any time. Moreover, you can choose between our comfort remote control with 2.4 GHz radio connection with a more powerful reach or the WiFi solution with our free mobile app.

A smartphone or tablet...

...for the illumination control of our banner framework system with LED lighting on the sides is the most recent innovation and has been available in series production since October 2016. It is easy to use, since every light frame opens its own WiFi. This can then be easily connected to a smartphone or tablet through the app. Additionally, no technical installation of a separate WiFi network is required, which is very practical in modular trade fair and shop constructions.

DALI or DMX...

...high-quality LED light displays from Luminatore® are being installed more and more often in complex large-scale projects. These projects range from museum exhibitions to new building constructions. In these cases, compatibility with the most commonly used control protocols such as DALI or DMX must be guaranteed.
We’d be happy to help you in this regard and will offer you the most suitable solutions! Begin your planning with us and you will be completely satisfied.

The Luminatore team welcomes your enquiries.