RGB circuit board systems

RGB circuit board systems
RGB circuit board systems

Luminatore® RGB circuit boards provide stylish spotlighting and spectacular colouring, from light frames to ambient lighting.

To trigger emotions...

RGB lighting examples in a Luminatore® frame system
Lighting examples in a Luminatore® frame system

...audio-visual examples are always preferred.
In addition to pictures and music, colour perception in humans is one of the best methods to create a subconscious approach. This approach has many benefits and should ideally put the consumer in a positive mood in a pleasant way. When this approach is successful, agreeable and lasting communication is guaranteed. It will also impress your customers, patients and guests. 

The right light for every site and application is guaranteed when you have the possibility of choosing from 256 colour shades. The specially developed RGB light system controller from Luminatore® also allows colours to be mixed in addition to the diverse pre-set light effects that you can also use.

Of course, control via DMX is standard and can be realised at any time.

Our RGB module series...

Luminatore RGB module
Luminatore RGB circuit board in use

...is therefore, in addition to our high-quality motif printing, one of the best ways to achieve this effect.

Our RGB circuit board makes an impact, amongst other things, with its uncompromisingly good and fluid colour effect – from simple colour changes to fading – as well as good compatibility with current light control systems and a low use of only 12 watts per circuit board with 2.4 watts per LED.

The circuit boards are therefore particularly well cooled, safely affixed and long-lasting in combination with our Lightmaster profile series.
Shop, trade fair and museum constructions as well as the interior design of doctor’s practices or private properties are optimum conditions for use.

good lighting result is provided by all current exhibition profiles from 120 mm, as well as by diverse internal and architectural lighting applications.   
The use at very limited installation depths (profile thickness under 120 mm) is not possible for double-sided spotlighting.

In addition to easy RGB control, which is used as standard for these circuit boards, the RGB module can be combined with our WiFi control to enable an even easier and more intuitive operation.