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We will gladly embark on an innovative and successful journey with you!

Luminatore would like to grow and would like to mutually establish, maintain and sustain business. We remain confident that it is a healthy and, in particular, successful path to share one’s business success and to grow by accepting new challenges.

Online customer access...

...we have recognised the sign of the times and place high value on a rapid exchange of information with our customers. For this reason, all of our customers have exclusive access to our Luminatore online portal; here they can calculate real-time prices and will receive valuable technical background information about our products as well as new developments and technologies. Always stay up to date!

If you don’t just want to inform yourself online, then you can request the free Luminatore App*. Then you’ll be able to keep abreast of things while offline and on-site during a customer visit. Often times, quick decisions are required and you have to provide your customer with immediate answers. We’d like to support you in this process.

*The mobile app is currently only available for Android phones.

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Once you have done so, we will validate and approve your access and will send you your personal access codes via e-mail. We look forward to seeing you!

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