FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a PWM controller?

PWM means “pulse width modulation” and describes a process by which the on/off times of the LEDs are possible through a continuous dimming. This special process is used for our high-performance modules and has the following advantages:

  • A continuous alignment of the light to various print motifs is possible at any time.
  • The dimming of the frames saves electricity and therefore makes it possible to use the light in an extremely effective manner, which saves more than 50% of the operating costs, in particular in the 24-hour operation.

How can you also benefit from this? For individual consultation, please speak with us. We look forward to seeing you!

Your Luminatore Team

Magic wall, what is that?

The magic wall: The magic wall is an upgrade and can be used compatibly with our 200 mm aluminium profile. If requested, we will equip your illuminated frame or sales module with premium magnetic fasteners. These will remain hidden behind the actual printed image; the presentation area can be easily attached from the outside. The weight per presentation area can be up to 15 kg. As if by magic, your goods float seamlessly before the customer’s eyes, a magical experience with many advantages in the practical application. No tools and no cumbersome disassembly is required in order to change the advertising medium. The magic wall: a modern, attractive and smart system! The presentation areas are not a standard product, but rather are always customised to meet the customer’s needs in line with our technical possibilities. For each atmosphere and for each product, we find the suitable solution. Just speak with us.

What sizes are available with the aluminium frames?

We can realise sizes ranging from 600 to 3000 mm per side section with the Lightmaster professional and magic wall systems. That means: The smallest frame is 600 x 600 mm and the largest 15000 x 3000 cm.

Of course, several elements can also be combined with each other in order to create a larger surface. You are more than welcome to include us in your planning process in order to receive a perfectly customised result.

We look forward to receiving your query!

Your Luminatore Team


What is dye-sublimation?

The dye–sublimation is a digital textile printing process on oil-and water-based colours, which are among the highest quality and most demanding printing methods in the industry. Here we produce premium quality without compromises!

What is Lumitex?

Lumitex is the original description for the textile basic materials that are processed by Luminatore ®.

We differentiate between three types of material:

  1. Lumitex-Light - for all print images that are backlit.
  2. Lumitex-Deko - for all print images that are used in our unlit systems.
  3. Lumitex-Blockout - for all one-sided illuminated systems and backlit boxes so that a counter reflection is optimally ensured.

All materials have been certified as per DIN 4102 B1. Do you have any questions about the exact qualities and characteristics? We would be happy to advise you.

What are the requirements of the print data?

If you would like to know what file formats and picture qualities we can process, then please visit our PDF-download section. Here you will find our print data manual, which will answer all of your questions.

My print file is too large to send via e-mail. What should I do?

In our service area, you are welcome to use the Premium-Data Upload.

Simply fill in the mandatory fields and copy the data into the blue fields with drag-and-drop. Then begin the upload. Done!

We will be informed automatically when we have received new files.
We will check these and get back to you as soon as possible.