File Upload

In this area you can easily drag and drop your print files or other relevant data. Those will be safely stored on our own servers.

We get informed about data uploads automatically, enabling us to promptly check and verify feasibility of your print and getting in contact with you in time.

In case you do not get an answer from us within 24 hours please do not hesitate to contact us directly as technical errors cannot always be excluded.

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How you send us your print files:

  • Please fill in the above fields, note the required fields.
  • Now you can click the button 'Choose File(s)' and select your print files on your PC. You can use the button for additional files repeatedly. Alternatively, drag multiple files into the dotted box.
  • After you filled in all required fields and you checked the completeness of the print file list, click at the end 'Start Upload'. The file upload process begins and you can control the progress based on the loading bar.

Choose File(s)
Maximum upload size:  500 MB (all files together)
File number limit:  20
Allowed file formats:  ai, doc, docx, eps, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, psd, rar, tif, tiff, txt, xls, xlsx, zip