The Luminatore® LED lighting system...

The Luminatore® LED lighting system offers the possibility to accommodate all of the customer’s wishes. That makes our system especially powerful!

In general, we install our premium high-performance LED modules. These come equipped as a standard with PWM preparation and they fascinate through their high level of efficiency and durability.

However, we also realise individual special requirements and projects for our customers. You can talk to us about your special needs and requirements at any time.

We offer:

  • LED in daylight quality, if desired also dimmable through PWM
  • RGB in the standard colour room
  • Variable lighting control with remote control or mobile phone app
  • Two-year warranty on all LED and RGB modules, even under continuous use
  • Variable number of lumens and illumination planning for special projects possible
  • Certified components and transformers
  • Premium power supply (Plug&Play)
  • Circuit board on the basis of glass-fibre laminates
  • Tension relief of the plug connectors for high strain during assembly and disassembly

The Luminatore® profile system...

Our self-developed aluminium profiles ensure high stability, flexibility and premium optics. They were specially aligned to our lighting system. Various profile depths enable countless usages in the spatial design.
For columns, cabins and corner solutions, our very specific shifter profile is used. 

We offer:

  • Special coatings in line with desired colour (lacquering in unicolour, metallic and pearl-effect possible)
  • Special profile with you own corporate design (depending on the size of the print run)
  • Various connection possibilities to the ceiling or wall; free-standing, lowered or connected as a complete system
  • Standardised connection technology for simple assembly
  • Special Lumitex-Coat layer on the profile light side for significantly more efficiency

Our Lumitex textile...

Flexibility, easy handling and high quality define our Luminatore systems.
Simply pull our Lumitex cloth from the profile nut and attach a new motif. The PVC piping makes it possible!
An absolute highlight are our premium digital prints with up to 3-metre print width without an intermediate seam; on selected carrier substances. The print quality is the thermal sublimation can reach up to 1400 dpi. Of course, all carrier substances are certified (B1 nach DIN 4102)

Depending on the application area, you can select from one of three materials:

  1. Lumitex-Light for the direct backlighting
  2. Lumitex-Deko for our unlighted systems
  3. Lumitex-Blockout for the interception of the light on the back side of the one-sided illuminated frame

We offer:

  • Exchange and assembly service (depending on the region – feel free to speak with us)
  • Premium digital print as per your print-ready file (also for existing systems)
  • Custom-fit subsequent delivery of the exchange prints for all our illuminated frames and systems
  • Environmentally conscious production processes with lower emissions
  • Data verification for printability
  • 3-D animation with your motif
  • Premium file upload per drag and drop via our website including data archiving

Good to know...

If you decide to collaborate with Luminatore®, you will receive significant advantages.
We keep our promises and solve all of our tasks conscientiously and professionally.

Always having an honest word and an open ear, that is the motto and our utmost goal.

A quick recap of the advantages:

  • Individual construction with own profile technology
  • Initial 3-D simulation with your desired motif – so that you can be absolutely certain!
  • Non-bureaucratic and cooperative collaboration
  • Technically aligned components that are mainly sourced from German production sites; this creates short paths and ensures unnecessary costs
  • Printing on the basis of dye-sublimation, the sustainable textile printing processes with oil- and water-based colours, no chemical additives and no odours at the application location (that is often a problem with chemical printing processes)
  • Standard quality and a future-oriented system, since we are continuously expanding our horizon so that you are able to continuously benefit from a larger diversity
  • We also have to continually learn and improve – something we enjoy doing! The discussions and feedback from our business partners and customers create new ideas and keep the product development cycle turning. Please provide us with your comments or suggestions. We would love hearing from you.
  • Standard or customised? The diverse Luminatore® LED lighting system is continuously developed by our lighting technicians and offers many conveniences. It doesn’t matter whether colourful or plain, lighter or darker, selectively defined illumination or a completely homogeneous surface. We can do anything!
  • Sustainable and very low costs for maintenance, since our backlit boxes correspond to modern requirements
  • Standardised and normed connection technology of the profiles for freedom in the application
  • Tool-free exchange of Lumitex carrier materials in only a few minutes. The piping system makes it possible!
  • Fastening elements made of aluminium and metal, for the highest stability.