The right light system for every application.

Despite their high luminosity, our high-quality LED modules developed by us consume little electricity and have a long service life. The Luminatore® LED HIGH POWER and LED HIGH LUMEN MODULE as well as our RGB (W) modules are the optimal product components for homogeneous illumination of your frame system.

We offer:

  • LED modules in daylight quality, also dimmable and controllable on request
  • RGB (W) in the standard color space
  • variable control of lighting with remote control, touch panel or app
  • 2-year guarantee on all LED modules, even with continuous use (except mechanical damage and overvoltage)
  • variable number of lumens and lighting planning possible for special projects
  • certified components and transformers
  • Premium power supplies (plug and play)
  • PCB layout based on glass fiber laminate or aluminum core
  • Strain relief for the plug connections for high loads during assembly and dismantling
  • robust plug connections of the modules

LED HIGH POWER MODULE / black or white

The LED HIGH POWER MODULE impresses with its simple functionality and excellent durability, making it ideal for simple applications in the field of display, trade fair or exhibition construction.

Light at a top price-performance ratio

If you want constant light at fair prices, choose our HIGH POWER system and achieve modular work via plug-and-play right into the socket.

Time is money

Especially in the frequent reconstruction and construction, time-optimized work is of the utmost importance. With our systems you minimize your workload as well as your logistics and assembly costs. In particular, the assembly time of the HIGH POWER MODULE on our profile series can be reduced by using our Fast-Lock PCB clip by 50% compared to conventional slot nut assembly. This is how you can equip large illuminated walls and profile sections in record time! With 3 and 6 modules, lighting is provided right down to the last corner - suitable for every frame size.

The HIGH POWER series offers two lighting systems for all types of use in the high-quality construction of illuminated surfaces, whether narrow or deep, small or large, and adapts optimally to your wishes and requirements.

The service life of a module is approximately 50,000 hours +. You can find technical data on our HIGH POWER data sheet.


With our LED HIGH LUMEN MODULES you can perfectly realize light distances well over 3 m with lateral radiation. The specially developed boards have twice the performance compared to our HIGH POWER MODULES. They have been specially designed for the backlighting of textile stretch fabrics.

You can rely on 100% quality and a harmonious interplay of all components of our light walls and light box products. The stepless dimming allows adaptation to critical print motifs at any time and saves energy.

The durability is approx. 50,000 hours +, the power consumption is very economical (18 watts per module at approx. 2050 lm / measured according to optics).


  • flexible advice and application
  • short delivery times
  • high quality
  • long-term availability
  • Compatibility and adaptability
  • Modularity
  • Light stretches of 4 m and more with lateral irradiation

Technical data can be found on our HIGH LUMEN data sheet.

Something out of line?

At Luminatore® we can also solve customer-specific requirements on a project basis and integrate complex controls into our light walls and light ceilings. The special equipment with light colors according to your specifications is also possible for us at short notice. Please contact us as early as the planning phase.


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