They show where to go.

Diverse advertising effectiveness with LED light columns

Printed light columns with integrated, homogeneous LED lighting are eye-catchers at trade fairs, in sales rooms and in event halls. They serve as

  • Information pillar
  • Guide
  • customer stop
  • decoration
  • representative logo wall

light columns cover unsightly components

Thanks to our two specially developed 120mm and 200mm Schifter profiles, we can also offer a solution for cladding disruptive concrete pillars and supports. This way you get a functional and sales-enhancing expansion of your presentation area.

light column with perfect statics

The connection of four light frames to a column using a fixed Schifter construction also offers a load-bearing statics for very tall buildings that can stand freely in the room. So you can do without annoying anchoring in the floor or adjustable feet and create eye-catching advertising and design areas.


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