Vertical greening:
100% natural, maintenance free, flame retardant (B1).

Moss pictures and plant walls sustainably improve the room and work climate. They increase the feel-good factor of a wide variety of rooms, promote creativity and concentration and form a relaxing, calming counterpart to our fast-moving, digital world. Moss walls reduce reverberation and have a sound-absorbing effect. If additional sound absorbing carrier material is used, the effect increases. Sound insulation grows in proportion to the size of the moss carpet.
The plants preserved in a special process are applied by hand to a carrier material and then inserted precisely into our frame profile system. Individual productions are also possible in every shape and size, e.g. as continuous wall and object cladding.

Moss pictures are very versatile

We can equip our evergreen plant pictures and moss walls in combination or according to type with the following plants: reindeer moss, forest moss, ball moss, jungle and plant moss

Areas of application: Hotel and gastronomy, shop furnishings, wellness areas, open-plan offices, conference rooms, practice design, trade fair construction, green healthcare, private rooms


  • 100% nature - 100% maintenance-free
  • no follow-up costs (no fertilizer, no irrigation)
  • B1 certified - flame retardant
  • can be used modularly in existing system profiles, standardized or individual areas
  • Storage and storage possible directly in our system profiles
  • quick and easy assembly
  • Shelf life of the plants at least 5 years
  • has a sound-absorbing effect (up to 60%) and reduces reverberation in rooms
  • can be used indoors; with a positive impact on the indoor climate and humidity
  • Production: loving handwork "made in Germany"
  • Origin of plants: Northern and Central Europe

More information can be found here: acoustic products

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