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Hamburg Eco-Profit Business

As a medium-sized family-owned company, we take responsibility, including towards our environment. That's why we have been employing environmentally friendly production methods and measures for many years.

Participating in the Eco-Profit program demonstrates our genuine commitment to sustainability. The range of our measures is as diverse as the opportunities they present for us and our environment. It starts with reusable packaging materials and extends to the utilization of renewable energies. Many offerings already have environmentally friendlier alternatives, and more will be available in the future.

Eco-Profit Certificate

Climate-Neutral Company

Erler+Pless has acquired carbon offsets from climate protection projects equivalent to the calculated amount of CO2 emissions. This offsets their own CO2 emissions and helps reduce global warming. By participating in voluntary emissions trading, Erler+Pless contributes to a livable environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate-Neutral Company Certificate

UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg

Erler+Pless, a proud member of UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg, is part of an impressive network of approximately 1,600 companies representing various industries and sizes. What unites us all is our genuine interest and commitment to environmental protection in the workplace. As partners in this network, we voluntarily exceed the legal requirements and passionately advocate for environmental and climate protection. We implement voluntary environmental protection measures such as a latex printing machine, LED lighting, and photovoltaics.

UmweltPartnerschaft HH - Certificate

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