Magic Keder for stretch frames

The smart solution for mounting and tensioning textile prints

The Magic Keder solves precision problems in no time

Save yourself the hassle of overnight express shipments to trade shows and wasted hours on the construction site.

Here's how Magic Keder helps at trade shows and construction sites:

  • Textile prints require no finishing
  • Suitable for almost any profile
  • Textile banners can be easily tensioned even in cases of precision issues
  • Customizable and easy to handle
  • Available as roll material for maximum flexibility
Magic-Keder für Spannrahmen

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The easy application of Magic Keder

Our Magic Keder simplifies the installation of oversized banners significantly and quickly resolves precision issues. A must-have for every trade show installer, it's an indispensable companion that's flexible and easy to use:

Step 1: Cutting the Magic Keder

You can either receive the Magic Keder pre-cut to the size of your stretch frame, or you can easily cut the Magic Keder to the required length.

Magic-Keder Zuschnitt

Step 2: Inserting the Magic Keder into the frame

The Magic Keder can be easily pressed into the stretch frame using your thumb and is suitable for almost any profile.

Magic-Keder in Nut drücken

Step 3: Pressing the textile print between the Magic Keder and frame

The textile banner is pressed between the stretch frame and the Magic Keder using a tool such as a round spatula.

Magic-Keder Stoffbanner einspannen

And it's done! The textile banner is perfectly tensioned.

Thanks to the Magic Keder, you no longer have to compromise on the result - saving you time and frustration!

Magic-Keder fertig eingesetzt

Key benefits of our Magic Keder

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About Us

Luminatore has been producing high-quality and customized lighting solutions for spatial well-being for the past 10 years. In combination with Erler+Pless' cutting-edge printing technology, we have successfully and sustainably completed a wide range of projects from our headquarters in Hamburg.

In addition to illuminated wall and ceiling art, we also provide solutions for trade shows, store design, and customized lighting planning in your preferred design and format – all 100% handmade with love and passion for our products.

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Product & Application

Which tool is used to press the textile banner into the Magic Keder?

The textile banner is typically pressed into the Magic Keder using a specialized tool such as a round spatula or a keder-insertion tool. These tools are designed to securely and evenly push the textile into the keder channel of the frame, ensuring proper tension.

Is the Magic Keder only available in specific lengths?

No, the Magic Keder is also available as roll material and can be cut to the desired length individually.

Does the textile banner need to be finished for the Magic Keder?

No, with the Magic Keder, fabric banners can be used in stretch frames without the need for finishing.

What color is the Magic Keder?

The Magic Keder is transparent blue and made of PVC. After inserting it into the profile and pressing in the fabric banner, it becomes invisible.

What are the dimensions of the Magic Keder?

The Magic Keder has dimensions of 13x4 mm. You can customize the length individually, for example, by cutting it with scissors.


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